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As to Literature - obout Danube Swabians


On the Trail of the Danube Swabians in Vojvodina

As to Reports 2017


Kirchweihfeier und Totengedenken 2017

As to Reports 2017


Report Danube cruise to Apatin 2017

As to Dates 2017


Danube cruise to Apatin

Visit and cultural programme, Apatin (pdf)

As to Reports - 2017



As to Report2 - 2017


Konzertensemble Paul Abraham and Besuchsbericht Apatin und Batschka

As to Reports - 2017



As to Reports - 2017


Boat terminal by drift ice damages

As to Dates - 2017


Benefit Concert-Ensemble "Paul Abraham" in Apatin and Sombor

As to Literature - about ancestry researche


A new CD: Familienbuch Apatin in der Batschka, by Jakob Schuy