Welcome to our homepage


We are the German organisation "Apatiner Gemeinschaft e.V."

(i.e. "Community of Apatin - registered society")

and we are trying to maintain the history of Apatin for later generations.

At the moment our website is (and probably always will be) still under construction. So please visit us frequently to watch the progress. Do not hesitate to get in contact 

                        with us directly or leave a message in our guestbook.

Any comment or idea for improvement will be very welcome.


We are interested in all information so if you have pictures/photos, personal experiences, family lore, anecdotes, sayings, documents, family trees or any other papers that you would be willing to share, please let us know. We would be happy to publish them, with your consent, on our website or in our half yearly publication “Apatiner Heimatblätter". You may send us attachments in any format to the email-address found in our contact form. 


We know that there are still many contemporary witnesses and we realize how important it is to keep their knowledge and their memory alive.

 So we hope for a lively exchange.

We have a small treasure of photographs, which were kindly given to us from our members. These photos will be added by and by to our website. Of course we cannot identify all the places and people so if you recognize a person or a location, we would be grateful if you could give us the relevant information.


As English is not our mother tongue it may take time for us to respond but we will try to keep up with our emails as quickly as possible.

The main aim of the Association is to preserve and maintain the cultural heritage,

to establish connections between people within the worldwide existing groups,

families and individuals rooted in Apatin, to support, document and promote

awareness of Danube Swabian origin.